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Vape Ban Update — OLCC board meeting 10/11/2019

The Commissioners at the OLCC unanimously voted to enact a rule change that eliminates non-marijuana derived terpenes from being sold in vape products.

This new rule goes into effect on Tuesday Oct 15th.

A subsequent compliance bulletin from the OLCC regarding vape states: “Cannabinoid Vapor Product” means a cannabinoid product intended for human inhalation using an inhalant delivery system (See ORS 431A.175 for more detail).  This applies to vape cartridges, pods, “all-in-one” disposable vape pens and syringes used to refill vape cartridges. 

The bulletin also clarifies flavor and leaves room to create a path for botanical terpenes to be allowed in the next 30 days:

 “Flavor” means an artificial or naturally-occurring substance that contains a taste or smell, other than the taste or smell of cannabis, that is distinguishable by an ordinary consumer either prior to or during the inhalation of the product, including, but not limited to, any taste or smell relating to chocolate, cocoa, menthol, mint, wintergreen, vanilla, honey, nut, fruit, any candy, dessert, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, herb, spice or concept flavor.

On or before November 15, 2019 the OLCC shall establish a procedure for processors to request an exemption from the ban to produce cannabinoid vapor products containing non-marijuana botanical terpenes.  Processors will receive written notification from the Commission, stating a product is exempt from the ban, prior to a product containing a non-marijuana terpene entering the supply chain. 

Retailers must post this in their Point of Sale area: 

Ingredients including flavoring or non-marijuana terpenes that will no longer be allowed include: 

non-marijuana terpenes

non-marijuana derived terpenes 

artificial flavors 

natural flavors  

You can find the compliance bulletin here: 

And the rule here: 

Here at The Sweet Life we will no longer be selling Gold Moon Cartridges, Pangea Distillate and Smoke Distillate.

An important note to call out in the FAQ from the bulletin:

What is an inhalant delivery system?

“Inhalant deliver system” means: A device that can be used to deliver nicotine or cannabinoids in the form of vapor or aerosol to a person inhaling from the device…” See ORS 431A.175 for more detail. Generally speaking, this includes vape cartridges, pods, “all-in-one” disposable vape pens and syringes used to refill vape cartridges.  It does not apply to dabbing

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