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VAPE BAN? Here's the update

As we have all likely heard, the Governor issued an Executive Order this morning directing the OHA and the OLCC to ban all flavored vape products.  The Order includes the formation of a work group to study evidence regarding the causes and effects of vaping related illnesses and make policy recommendations to the Governor and state agencies on how to proceed.

The OLCC sent a press release this afternoon announcing that they will enact temporary rules next week and that "the OLCC does not include terpenes derived from marijuana as a “flavor.”"

HUGE THANK YOU to some industry friends who helped make sure that the ban is measured and based on science. Our friends at ORCA, Old Apple Farm, OIPA, East Fork Cultivars, Sublime Solutions and many more spent a lot of love and energy in Salem last week educating our regulatory community about marijuana vape products.

Stay tuned for further updates. — MARISSA

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2021년 11월 18일

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